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The decision about the ActiveTO Midtown Pilot for Bicycle Lanes becoming permanent is going to the Infrastructure Committee on March 29
and to City Council on April 6.
Write the Infrastructure Committee no later than March 27 at
Copy the Mayor and Councillors
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The Complete Street Pilot on Yonge does not work!

The Pilot Team overseeing Complete Streets Yonge Street has not provided quantifiable information when asked –

  1. The city has not provided access to the Directors of Fire, Paramedic and Transportation departments with respect to their quantifiable data about the Pilot. They have the data and will not share it directly with the community.

  2. The residents in the land-locked area have not been given the opportunity to speak directly to EMS providers to answer questions about responses in case of emergencies. This is a lack of transparent process.

  3. The Pilot team cannot provide tangible, quantifiable benefits to our business community beyond CafeTO.

  4. The Pilot team cannot provide how many actual cyclists are using the lanes on a daily or hourly basis.

  5. The Pilot team has not provided any qualitative nor quantitative data beyond September 2021.

  6. The residents and off-street businesses on the 16 land-locked streets between St. Clair and Roxborough have not been surveyed formally. They are the taxpayers in the area and receiving the brunt of the challenges of the cycle tracks.

  7. The taxpayers in the area have not been told who is paying for all this infrastructure. The Pilot has created additional snow removal and maintenance charges, and supposedly paid duty officers to adjudicate the new traffic patterns.

  8. The snow removal from the winter of 2022 was a disaster. Snow was pushed from the bike lanes onto the side streets creating even more dangerous sight lines.

  9. The schools in the area – more than 6 in the land-locked area- were not consulted prior to the installation. Parents are scared.



Please reach out to your representatives and ask these questions.

We have asked and our questions have gone unanswered.

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